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When they don’t get their primary need, they don’t give the other person primary need. When a man feels disrespected, he will act unloving. And when a woman feels unloved, she will act disrespectful. It is call the crazy cycle.

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Every soul shall taste death (3:185)

A very painful and heartbreaking month. Malaysia has announced that 22nd of August as the National Day of Mourning. Of course it’s not something to be celebrated about (some heedless people are happy cause they’re hoping for a public holiday). Instead, for us all to be reminded of death. As prophet s.a.w said: “The one who mentions and contemplates death the most, and the one who prepares for his death the most; these are the wise ones; they gain the glory of this life and the honor of the Hereafter.” [At- Tabaraani, Al-Munthiri].

Been struggling to continue living as normal as I can. All those smiles, those laughters and giggles are the only hope left to hide the unimaginable pain inside.

Staying away from the news cause I don’t think I can handle the truth. Everyone has their own battle. That, I understand. And honestly, I don’t know how to fight my battle this Friday when the remains arrive home.

I was surprised myself seeing how this tragedy affected me so much. Because it got me thinking of a lot of things. Of something that I took for granted. Of LIFE and its PURPOSE. The end is near, indeed.

I remember an ustaz once said, if you love and miss someone, recite al-fatihah as a gift for them. It is not necessarily for the dead. You should always sadaqah al-Fatihah for your loved ones, especially for our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w and our parents.

You’re a very lucky man cause you’re loved and miss by many. I ❤️ You and will always miss you Abg. Kimi. Al-fatihah #prayforMH17

Sometimes in life it may seem dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part - J. Mraz


i’m strong enough to endure this pain, rasanya. 

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If you feel ignorant and stupid, then find a way to learn. Don’t curse those who are calling you ignorant and stupid. Find ways to prove them wrong. That, is satisfaction.

"Meeting righteous people improves the heart."

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